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About Your Desire

1. What are you ready to create? Give some detail about what you want support in manifesting.

2. Does this desire feel fresh and fun or frustrating and elusive?

3. On a scale of 1-10, what’s your level of belief right now for it happening?

About Your Process

4. What have you done so far to align with that outcome? (i.e. what’s your manifesting practice been up till now, if any?)

5. Are you hearing any inspiration and if so, are you honoring it?

6. What are your most enjoyable alignment methods (visualizing, acting as if, slacking, scripting, journaling, affirming, etc.)?

7. Please share about one of your favorite manifesting successes. (What you created and how you did it? It could be a recent success or your very first – just looking for what’s worked for you before.)

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