Your Vibe Rx

What’s a Vibration Prescription?

A Vibe Rx is a clear customized formula for remedying kinky vibes to help you get what you want, once and for all.

energy management prescriptionsWhy would I want one?

If you’re having trouble manifesting what you want, a vibration prescription from  the Vibe Doctor can help strengthen your alignment to allow in what you’re wanting.  Vibe Prescriptions are cheaper and less time consuming than coaching sessions and weekend seminars, but still effective.

How do they work?

You supply the symptoms (background info – vibe check), and the Vibe Doctor writes a customized vibe prescription for you to begin immediately.

align your energy with a vibration prescriptionWhat results can I expect?

Follow your formula and you can expect better alignment which results in real life results.  Early evidence of alignment may appear as quickly as today, usually within a few days.

What does it cost?

Personal prescriptions are $47USD (unless otherwise noted).

When can I expect it to be delivered?

Your Vibration Prescription will be delivered via email approximately 2-3 days after placing your order.

professional energy management support

How do I order?

Place your order by credit card or PayPal here.  Once you’ve submitted payment, you’ll be emailed with instructions to submit the information required to prepare your custom prescription.


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If you’d like professional support in straightening out kinky vibes, the Vibe Doctor is here to help.  Order your prescription here and you’ll receive a customized formula to unkink your vibe within 2-3 days.