Vibration Rx

Vibration prescriptions
for successful manifesting.

How It Works

Name your desire, answer 7 assessment questions, then receive a personalized vibration management plan. Email weekly progress reports and follow fine-tuning instructions. The Vibe Doc will guide you in leveraging LOA to manifest your dream come true.

Meet the Vibe Doc

Master Certified Coach and founder of Good Vibe University, Jeannette Maw has supported conscious creators across the globe to manifest what they want for over a decade. (That’s a lot of vibe management!) Put her LOA experience to work for your benefit today.

What You'll Get

Your customized vibration plan (& follow up email support) creates the alignment that requires your desire to manifest – or at least deliver evidence that it’s on its way. 8 weeks is plenty of time to see strong movement toward success when you follow your vibe prescription!

How To Use Your Vibe Rx


Each Vibe Rx includes a custom alignment plan & 8 weeks
of email follow up for just $195 $125

“I love what you’ve created here and it’s a testament to how self help doesn’t have to be some painful, arduous process — I really believe it can and should be fun.”

Vibe Rx Client

Whitehall, Montana

“Jeannette – I absolutely love this prescription! I’m taking it now and will do exactly what you prescribed.”

Vibe Rx Client

Portland, Oregon

“Your prescription was right on the spot! I can’t wait to tell you what I’ve manifested!”

Vibe Rx Client

Atlanta, Georgia

“Thank you. Every bit of advice is spot on … I will begin my prescription this minute.”

Vibe Rx Client

Plymouth, U.K.

Frequently Asked Questions


Q: What if I want to create more than one thing?

A: Focus is our friend in this game, so we’re working with one desire at a time. You can, however, plan on seeing positive progress across the board, even if we don’t give conscious attention to other areas. (It’s really cool how that works!)

Q: How big a desire/goal can I choose?

A: You decide whether we point your magic towards something more simple and easier to believe – or whether we go for the gold. Eight weeks is plenty of time to see movement even on the biggest of dreams.

Q: Will I get what I want within 2 months?

A: You’ll either manifest your goal within the 8 week time frame or you’ll see real life physical evidence that it’s on its way. That depends on your belief system and your commitment to the work (which is designed to set you up for big believing.)

Q: Can I hire you again for a different desire?

A: You likely could, but what you learn through this vibration prescription can be used again and again on your other dreams, goals and desires, too. So you’ll get lots of bang for your buck with just this one Rx.

Q: How do I know this will work for me?

A: If you do the work as prescribed, and report your progress weekly, giving me a chance to fine-tune your prescription if needed, the law of attraction requires that you get results. This stuff works – when you work it.

Q: Couldn’t I do this without you?

A: Yes, you can! You absolutely don’t need a Vibe Prescription to succeed! That’s actually my big intention – to inspire conscious creators to embrace their full manifesting powers! But for those who would like expert support in getting on the right track, this is one way to get there.

Get your customized Vibration Prescription
from the Vibe Doc today for just $125
($70 off reg. price)